Jošanička 120, Vogošća Sarajevo

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Jošanička 120, Vogošća Sarajevo

28 JUN


by 4wingstourism


Jajce is famous Bosnian city known for its rich history.

Jajce was a capital city of Bosnian Kingdom in 14th century which was a home for Bosnian Kings.In Jajce we can still see and visit remains of the castle and its beauties.

Jajce is the ONLY CITY IN THE WORLD which has natural waterfalls.Bihać is one of the larger cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bihać is the administrative center of Una – Sana canton of the Krajina region. Bihać is situateted on the banks of river Una in the northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina in the region of Bosanska Krajina.

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